MISSING FILMS and other such things

Posted by Kandyman - 17-08-2022, 12:32

As you may have noticed, we transformed the website a few months back because the old one was outdated and malfunctioning!  In the change over we lost a few films and now that Custom Season is taking a break i can actually do some proper sorting and i've discovered 10 missing films! These include 2 from Sex Panther, 1 from Erica, 3 from Dakota, 1 from Vixen and 3 classics from Badass Kandy.  I'll be uploading them over the course of the next few weeks.

I've also noticed the trailer for Kickass Never Dies is wrong and there is a total fault with downloading the film Dazed and Kickass, so be aware if you order that one i'll just have to send it to you manually. 

that's it for now!

  • Kandyman

    18-08-2022, 11:47

    As such we're going to re-release Sex Panther's incredible KICKASS FURY tomorrow! it's an in-between week release so it's basically a bonus. If you don't have it already, then you simply have to!

  • MK

    30-09-2022, 20:08

    Are you still going to be releasing these missing films?

    • Kandyman

      03-10-2022, 09:31

      Oh yes ideed.