KICKASS REACHER starring MILLY out now!

Posted by Kandyman - 27-12-2023, 21:20

it just gets better and better!

  • WomanPunchLover

    28-12-2023, 01:19

    Closing out the year with Milly!

    • Graves78

      28-12-2023, 15:07

      If it's the movie I'm thinking about, it'll be an AMAZING closure to this year! :) 

  • Kandyman

    28-12-2023, 17:50


    oh it is @graves!

    • Pulphead

      28-12-2023, 18:29

      oH this looks great! I hope there is some short of peril invlolved

  • opponent12

    29-12-2023, 11:07

    Just watched this, awesome film! It's funny that the first and last kandyfilms of the year are my favorites, but I think this and Kickass Wednesday are the best!

    • Graves78

      29-12-2023, 21:55

      Somehow, I had a hunch that you'll like it... 

    • opponent12

      30-12-2023, 07:45

      :P When did you start ordering customs btw? Was the first one Shark Kickass?

    • Graves78

      30-12-2023, 08:24

      I started in 2018 and yes, my first custom was Shark Kickass.

  • Kandyman

    29-12-2023, 13:21


    • Panda Bear

      05-01-2024, 12:03

      Loving Milly, she is a forec majeure. Not to mention she looks amazing in all that black leather surprised.

  • Max91

    29-12-2023, 15:45

    ohhhh... you just do a great job closing the year with my fav new kandygirl of 2023.

    i appreaciate that so much mr Kandyman. I truly do. Happy New Year.