MERRY XMAS KANDYLAND..... and here's AJ!!

Posted by Kandyman - 23-12-2023, 20:19

ORIGINAL AJ FIGHTING PHOTOSET!  129 HI RES POSED IMAGES of the original Kandygirl in a classic collection on sale for the very first time! Curated from AJs very best photoshoots from the last 16 years and never been available to buy before! Most have never been seen before and some have been lost and found again! This is a MUST HAVE keepsake of original and, some say, greatest Kandygirl as she fights, poses, kicks ass and shows off in a style that only AJ can pull off!

  • kubaunknown

    25-12-2023, 20:57

    Do you have a video from these?

    • Kandyman

      26-12-2023, 14:50

      No. This is just one magnificent photoset

  • kuro

    26-12-2023, 18:38

    I have always been curious about Kandyman's filming equipment because Kandyman is professional. Is it the Sony A7M4 or other brands?

  • Panda Bear

    05-01-2024, 11:53

    Wonderful Christmas

    • Panda Bear

      05-01-2024, 11:59

      Wonderful Christmas present K'Man. AJ really was the face that launched a thousand Kandy films. I also really enjoyed the baby-faced Kix pictures included in the photoset. Happy New Year everyone and I'm looking forward to another bumper Kandy collection of fabulous kick-ass films.