FRIDAY 15th DEC: New KAK Movie! Preview

Posted by Kandyman - 13-12-2023, 12:35

  • kuro

    13-12-2023, 15:44


    • Jacques

      13-12-2023, 15:47

      This looks familiar 

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    13-12-2023, 18:37

    Harley, yay! Best new recruit of 2023 in my humble opinion. 

    • Jacques

      13-12-2023, 20:29

      My humble opinion as well. She is absolutely amazing in both of my customs

    • Max91

      16-12-2023, 11:02

      Agree! For me were Her and Milly

  • Ghost999

    14-12-2023, 11:39

    Is this a Jacques custom with Harley? If it is, I don’t need a trailer. Just take my money!

    • Kicker24

      14-12-2023, 12:08

      I’ll take a trailer.

    • Jacques

      14-12-2023, 13:29

      I don’t need a trailer

  • Kandyman

    14-12-2023, 19:01

    • Hi-Kix Forever

      14-12-2023, 19:22

      Nice, very nice, she's one of our best!

      Who's her friend? 

    • Jacques

      14-12-2023, 19:41

      It’s Dana. She is Harley’s ‘henchwoman’

    • Ghost999

      15-12-2023, 00:45

      Is this your custom @Jaques? 

  • Kandyman

    15-12-2023, 11:34


    • Jacques

      15-12-2023, 16:24

      @Ghost999 Yes

  • opponent12

    20-12-2023, 12:13

    Just watched this, nice video! Not usually a fan of peril but the choreography in this was solid.

    • Jacques

      20-12-2023, 23:36

      One thing that most of us don’t talk about much is the quality of the stuntmen. They are awesome and they bring out the best in each Kandygirl. That makes for amazing choreography.

    • opponent12

      29-12-2023, 06:50

      Eh, I'm not sure if it's the stuntmen's fault, but choreography quality in the last few years has went noticeably down. It could have had something to do with Covid, or the directing/editing/forced camera angles, or just getting comfortable with a formula for these videos. This custom was nice tho, I'm glad it turned out well!