Back again

Posted by Mooncatt - 18-10-2023, 21:06

Hey everyone, it's been a very long time since I was last here. Great to see some very familiar names on the forum (Dizzy, Jade, Mark) and any others who remember me from 14 or so years ago. Very glad to see that KM has this place still going strong. I have a tremendous amount of catching up to do, so many new Kandy girls (still a bit in love with AJ, Hi-Kix, Triple X and The Body though) If you are lucky enough to have The Good, The Bad and The Kickass, The Kickass Strikes Back, Saturday Night Kickass or Wizard of Kickass in your collection, then you will know what I mean ;0)

I recently found the stories I used to write for the original forum, I'd be happy to repost them if anyone fancies some old school Kandy girl action!!

  • Kandyman

    19-10-2023, 05:51

    Wow Mooncatt!! it's great to hear from you again!!  where have you been!   You have soooooo much catching up to do!  and yeah, we'd love your stories, so much stuff got lost when we migrated over to the new site.

    welcome back



    • Mooncatt

      28-10-2023, 18:04

      Thanks everyone. I am trying to post some stories but for some reason the forum will not let me paste into the correct part. It let's me paste into the title or description box but not the actual post.

  • Dizzy Goon

    20-10-2023, 09:56


    Now there's a blast from the past!!

    Hope all is well.


  • Hi-Kix Forever

    20-10-2023, 18:19

    I remember you Mooncatt, welcome back!

    In terms of catching up, I'd say Harley's supremely impressive debut (KickAss Hills 90210) is not to be missed. 

    • Jacques

      20-10-2023, 22:42

      Harley is absolutely awesome. I have the proof to back up my extra enthusiasm.