Group funding custom clips

Posted by not_me - 22-09-2023, 22:55

 Hey everyone,

 I was wondering what do you guys think about "crowdfunding" custom clip orders? Has anyone done it before?

 Dakota is one of my favourite Kandy Girls and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in group funding a custom clip with her for 2024. I don't have a whole script but rather a rough idea and a specific scene I would like to see. I love total Female on male domination and would love to see Dakota kick the asses of some bad guys. If anyone has a total beatdown custom clip idea with Dakota (or possibly another Kandy Girl), and is happy to integrate my scene in it, we could possibly "co-author" a script and split the bill evenly.

 I understand high-quality production comes with a high cost, and commissioning customs can be quite pricey, so I thought this could be a good way to bring some ideas to life.

 I would love to read your thoughts on that.  


  • Novice

    25-09-2023, 01:08

    I don't know if anyone has done it before but it's something I've personally been willing to try out. I have a semi-done script that I think Dakota would be great for. The only thing stopping me from requesting it is the fact that I know KAK customs are expensive.

    • Novice

      25-09-2023, 01:28

      Although the actress I had in mind for the script was Jinx. If this was doable, would you be ok with Jinx?

    • Pulphead

      25-09-2023, 10:45

      I just bought one staring Jinx, she can sell geting hit very well!

    • not_me

      26-09-2023, 22:35

       Hey, I feel you, they can be pricey. That's why the idea of crowdfunding/collaborations is so appealing to me. 

        If you would like to go ahead with a custom script collab you could write me an email with your idea, and I can tell you mine, and we can make it happen.

       My email is

       Once we've come up with our script we can ask for a quote. 

       Let me know if that works for you. 

       Also, next custom season is May 2024.

    • WomanPunchLover

      08-10-2023, 15:28

      How much do customs generally cost? I've always wondered...

    • not_me

      10-10-2023, 23:17

      WomanPunchLover I think it depends on the Kandy Girl and the number of bad guys. The complexity of the script might also be a factor. Best thing is to get a quote from Kandyman.  

    • Barry Scott

      26-10-2023, 05:39

      Fighting outfit

  • Barry Scott

    12-10-2023, 18:36

    I would deffo be up for this in the future I would love to see a Kandy Girl dressed as Country Girl Short Denim Skirt with Cowboy boots pink or red underwear.

    Bar fight and she kicks the living S**t out of some dude in a bar so be like a bar fight finish of with mounted punches and head scissors 

  • Barry Scott

    18-10-2023, 20:38

    I'm glad you love my idea of the Script let's put it to Kandy man see what he can do fornus 

  • Goth Trample

    02-11-2023, 13:39

    I've always wanted to see a kick ass where the girls are dressed up in a gothic outfit with Black tights and heels! Especially if it involved them headscissoring and trampling their prey to death!

    • not_me

      08-11-2023, 21:26

       That sounds cool! I am looking forward to the announcement of the new custom season. There are some really creative ideas being shared here. I would love to see people coming together and group funding those to make them a reality.