A Question For Kandyman Concerning Site Updates

Posted by Ghost999 - 31-08-2023, 19:08

Sir. Are we back to updates every two weeks? We were at a point where we had updates every week. With either a video or photoshoot.

I had gottent used to every Friday:

Friday 1: KickAssKandy Video

Friday 2: KickassFemmes Photo Shoot

Friday 3: KickassKandy Video

Friday 4: KickassFemmes Video

Friday 6: KickAssKandy Video

Friday 7: KickassKandy Photo Shoot

And then the cycle repeated itself with a Kandy Crisis as a video surprise here and there.

Were there changes in the updates?


  • Kandyman

    01-09-2023, 18:49

    This is the summer schedule, it'll be changing back soon, we just finished the Kickassfemmes season and are busy 'restocking' with new films and photosets. 

    thanks for checking in on us.