Who here is a huge fan of feats of durability?

Posted by Novice - 10-08-2023, 01:14

I personally love seeing a Kandygirl dominate an opponent(male or female, more favorably male) physically. I'm a sucker for things like arm-wrestling and games of mercy.

Videos like "Kickass never dies" and "Kickasserton" come to mind since a huge portion of those films showcase feats of strength.

However, my favorite "feat of strength" is that of durability. Basically, "Abs of steel" scenes or general scenes where the kandygirl's body seems to be invulnerable. Take a look at my profile pic to see what I mean.

Films with those scenes are an instant buy for me. Arrested Kickass, Last Kandy hunter, Kickass Punisher, to name a few, are among my most rewatched purchases b/c they're chock-full of those.

 Anyone else feel the same?

  • Novice

    10-08-2023, 01:16

    Take a look at my profile pic to see what I mean.

  • Lionel

    10-08-2023, 14:54

    I feel the same! My favorites are  armwrestling matches! But everything you mentioned is amazing!

    But I guess Kickasskandy is more for people who enjoy fighting and superior skill than pure strength.

    • Novice

      10-08-2023, 22:16

      Glad to see I'm not alone. The skill based stuff is cool too. 

      But, it's just something about a Kandy girl being impervious to punishment that makes them seem that much more superior ... and more sexy.

      Although, the more recent releases don't seem to have scenes like that. That's not a deal breaker for me by any means. But I would love to see more invulnerability scenes.