Kandyman's Log

Posted by Kandyman - 04-08-2023, 11:45

Stardate 5432:  We've been busy shooting since May and continue, sporadically, through August, September and October!  So much content to make! and we dedicate so much time to making each individual film that we need to keep adding more and more days to the schedule!

There are exciting things to come, we've got new equipment so the picture quality gets even better, and we're trying out new directing techniques all the time.  We've had 5 new Kickass Agents join this Season,  you've had a glimpse of Milly and Dana and we've also Blair, Petra and Scout joining them. We also have the return of the legends that are Kix, Harley, Karly, Darcy and Dakota.

Although Kickassfemmes Season has finished for now, we're shooting more and we'll hopefully be starting the new season in a few weeks. 

Our wardrobe department is overflowing with previously worn outfits, boots and costumes so maybe an 'As seen on screen' sale would be in order later on this year.... ?

That's it for now! Stay safe Kandyland


  • opponent12

    06-08-2023, 17:04

    I wouldn't mind if the directing techniques went back to how they used to be from like 2014-2018ish...

    • Jacques

      06-08-2023, 18:10

      What does that mean

    • opponent12

      07-08-2023, 05:18

      Ehm it just means I liked the old directing technique Kman used back then more haha, that's all. It's not a bad thing to try new things or improve though... A lot of newer videos recently the girl and the henchman will have to awkwardly posture around to get in the right camera angle, or the fight choreography suffers as both of them have to stay in a fixed angle towards the camera.

      This is why older films such as Warkandy, Kickass Fate, or Shark Kickass have a better flow to them than most films now. Kickass Wednesday was excellent so some things seem to be working pretty well now regardless. 

    • bootlover

      08-08-2023, 08:08

      I kinda miss the old vibes of the kickasskandy videos too. Ending the henchmen with an axe kick, and boot choke finisher. More raw with the hurts too and the slight teases.

    • Jacques

      08-08-2023, 13:31

      Thanks for your terrific explanation. I am late comer and so I don’t have the same appreciation and uas most of you.

    • Jacques

      08-08-2023, 13:33

      Oops, I meant appreciation and understanding as most of you. It pays to proof read before submitting,

    • opponent12

      09-08-2023, 05:11

      @Jaques yeah no problem! If you like watching Kix's films, you can compare the time/quality difference between Pretty little Kickass, Mortal Kickass, Zen Kickass, and Red dawn Kickass, as I feel like these have been the best Kix-only vids she's made over the years. There's quite a stark contrast when you see what they did back then to what things look like now.