FRIDAY 28TH PREVIEW..... and the winner is.....

Posted by Kandyman - 27-07-2023, 18:59



  • Ghost999

    27-07-2023, 19:00

    The one and Only Kix! The only one not available for a custom


    • Kandyman

      28-07-2023, 08:09

      Not true. Kix is available for customs.

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    27-07-2023, 22:38

    Great result, I've been looking forward to this one for yonks! What a stunning outfit! Huzzah! 

  • MJ

    28-07-2023, 04:03

    Its a draw 9:9 so personal preferences decided I assume...

    • MJ

      28-07-2023, 04:08

      Actually its 9:8 for Vix so this poll is little bit... strange :)

    • Max91

      28-07-2023, 04:17

      well you have to have in mind that the twitter (or X i don't know anymore haha) votes counted too.

    • Kandyman

      28-07-2023, 08:11

      Votes were cast here and on Twitter and only votes cast before the deadline counted. Plus, let's just say, there were some shared IP addresses for multiple voting that were discounted. Kandyman

  • opponent12

    28-07-2023, 16:13

    Nice film! Probably the best I've seen from Kix in quite a while

  • Hi-Kix Forever

    30-07-2023, 21:42

    I am rendered speechless! Loving the long skirt / thigh-high boots combo - wow! Stunning! Kix is still top of the tree for me!