Posted by Jacques - 08-08-2022, 21:24

Re the photo shoot, Yasmin was in two of my recent custom commissions: KAF and KAK. She is absolutely amazing. She excels in selling both peril and aggression. Our choice was based on a combat clip that she submitted for consideration, an awesome decision. BTW, plenty of peril in both customs. 

  • Kandyman

    09-08-2022, 09:43

    Congratulations on being the first poster in the new look forum Jaques! and you're right, Yasmin is going to be a superstar, she's a great fighter and sells as well as dishes it out!

    • Jacques

      09-08-2022, 14:19

      What Is the winning prize,

    • Kandyman

      11-08-2022, 10:12

      The opportunity to make another custom movie with Yasmin ;)

    • Jacques

      11-08-2022, 13:57

      Another custom with Yasmin, yes, I am in for that, anytime.