Posted by Kandyman - 14-06-2023, 19:51


  • kuro

    15-06-2023, 06:40

    any trailercool

  • Relax

    15-06-2023, 08:28

    Of course

    we need more 

  • Kandyman

    15-06-2023, 12:46

    • Dizzy Goon

      16-06-2023, 10:05

      I recognise one of the girls (the beauty of an early DG custom) but the other girl is new to me.....but I need to know more!! 

    • Amo

      19-06-2023, 08:32

      Wow, she incredibly looks like Emma Peel!!!!


  • WomanPunchLover

    15-06-2023, 14:04

    I have to say, that 2nd picture is very intriguing...

  • Kandyman

    16-06-2023, 10:34


    • WomanPunchLover

      16-06-2023, 14:37

      Can't wait to see it! Milly looks like a dream. I hope she has a long, wonderful, kandy career.

    • WomanPunchLover

      16-06-2023, 15:50

      Have we not had a redhead since Blaze?

    • Graves78

      18-06-2023, 08:31

      Milly has a unique blend of beauty, mischievousness and innocence paired with a mind-melting smile which - in my opinion - already makes her one of the greatest Kandygirls of all time.

      I think she will return in at least... say... two movies. (Hopefully, in many more!) 

  • GrandMystique

    16-06-2023, 16:18

    Dana goes with KickAss like PB&J. Cant wait for her solo debut, so much potential!

  • Max91

    18-06-2023, 09:05

    Point aside of the video in general, i liked this new angles and some zoom ins and outs, not excesive, just doing it the necessary, and i like it.

    • Jacques

      19-06-2023, 13:15

      Re the new angles, I completely agree especially the one between the legs as per the first ph